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Joe May

Hi there, my name's Joe. I’m an award winning videographer based in Kent, but I'm always looking for an excuse to travel around the world. I picked up my first camera in 2015 and found my new passion. Photography was a big part of my life until I found the creativity and love for making videos.

Choosing the right videographer is a key decision when planning your wedding and I believe you should, firstly, lean towards a style of videography that makes you stop in your tracks and secondly, find someone you feel comfortable working with. I’m a sociable guy and like to keep things fun and less staged so that the work I produce is more natural. My main goal as a videographer is to use my talent to showcase the raw emotion behind each event in an artistic and appealing way.

The best moments in life, are the ones we least expect. 



Tony & Tom - The Vines

I couldn’t recommend Joe enough, from our first zoom meeting his relaxed and friendly approach to planning our wedding video was just what we were after. Don’t expect your bog standard video documenting the day… trust the process, trust Joe and allow his creativity to make an incredible wedding video to watch back in awe. I remember at moments thinking “why am I doing this? Why does he want us to do that?” - But honestly, when you see how everything is put together, edited and music added it’s unbelievable results. I encourage you to bounce any ideas around with him to get exactly what you’re after, the more creative you want to be the more fun it is for both you and Joe… and the results are fantastic. The little touches he manages to highlight from a day that may feel like it was all a blur, the moments and looks captured in such a creative way with your partner and family/friends. Bravo.

Joe is a lovely guy, great to have a laugh with on the day and passionate about his work. He strives to produce content he is proud of himself, so you will not be disappointed. The more you allow him to do, the more you’ll get out of your wedding video. Thanks for being part of our day, it was lovely having you there and thank you for producing a video I could never have dreamed of having!

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